Chapter Meetings Date & Location :

The Y Sports Bar and Grill
19306 Mountain HWY. E.
Spanaway, Washington 98387
Phone: 253-655-5350

Meeting starts at ........... 7:00 PM
First Tuesday of Each Month "Normally"

Our Chapter Social is Every Wednesday 5:30 PM
The Y Sports Bar and Grill
19306 Mountain HWY. E.
Spanaway, Washington 98387
Phone: 253-655-5350

The last Wednesday of the each month
 we will  move the socials location ?
  The location will be determined at the monthly meeting

ABATE of Washington
 Spanaway Chapter
 Agenda Meetings
253-377-3350 for Next Date and Time
The Y Sports Bar and Grill



ABATE of Washington 
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Earlier this morning we all lost a him or not he left a 
lasting impact on all those he met.

Bandido Billy De 1%er (William Hunter) passed away May 11, 2021.

Billy De was married to the love of his life, Barb, for 37 years.  Together they were heavily involved in the Spanaway Speedway scene with Billy De driving cars #11 & #1. Billy De was well connected with the speedway meeting so many along the way.   They set up H.A.R.T. Racing which rented out race cars to people who had never raced before and wanted to give it a try.  He owned a Sportscard & memorbilla shop in Spanaway and a few Used Car lots also.

Billy De was a longtime member of the Bandidos MC.  His love for his brothers was unquestionable and ran deep.  He would do anything for them and they in-turn were by his and Barb’s side until the end.

Billy De restarted the Abate of Washington, Spanaway Chapter in 2012 and grew it to over 400 members.  He and Barb also volunteered for Abate of Washington and travelled around the state talking with other chapters, giving them ideas on how to increase their membership and promoting what Abate was all about.

Billy De volunteered for B.A.S.H. for many years and did his best to make sure anyone who needed food, received it.  He loved helping out seniors and those less fortunate...his giving heart was almost as big as his smile.

Billy De loved to travel and spending time with friends.  He cherished the last few road trips with Barb, Rock & Libbie, Camping it up in the RV whether it be to Texas or Montana for his brothers or visiting the Grand Canyon and ghost towns.

Now is our time to give back to Billy De...if you are able to spare a ‘few‘ please be assured that all funds will be used for Billy De.  Much love and respect


June 5, memorial service 1130am,
 3pm Rumors gathering to celebrate
Billy De.

Fir Lane Memorial Park and Funeral Home
924 176th. St. E. Spanaway, WA 98387



ABATE of Washington

Spanaway Chapter News Letter


At our last meeting a few changes were made.

  The Chapter decided to move our meeting location to the Y Sports Bar & Grill.

They have been very accommodating and we look forward to working with them in the future.
 The Y Sports Bar & Grill is located at 19306 Mountain Hwy E Spanaway WA 98387.
  Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month starting at 7pm.  We look forward to seeing everyone. 

 The Chapter also decided to move socials to the Y Sport Bar & Grill for the first three weeks of the month.
  We have socials ever week to get to know people.

 The last Wednesday of the month the social will be a moving social location to be determined at the monthly meeting.
   This will give new people a consistent place to meet us and a chance to get out at least once a month and go meet people.
  The best of both worlds.  Socials start at 5:30 and end at??? 

 The chapter has had a few opportunities to get out and support some rides in the month of April.
  We had a great time supporting the Tenino Drill Team on their ride.
  Spanaway took High and Low hands on their poker run and also won the 50/50.
  They put on a great ride and welcomed everyone. 

 We also went on the East Pierce County chapter support the supporter ride.
  Great time was had by all. 

 I would encourage everyone that can to get out and support local chapters and groups that are having rides.
  East Pierce County Amigos are having a ride for Amigo Flush May Buffalo Run.
  Starts May 8th at 9am at City Hall Saloon.  KSU 10:30.
  LeMay Motorcycle Days is at the family Marymount Manor location on June 19th.
  Great place to see old motorcycles and meet new people.
   Elk Country ABATE will hold their Mt St Helens run May 16. 


Andy McAfee
Chapter Coordinator 

Posted By: Dragoni


Spanaway Chapter  05-12-2021

Spanaway held its annual John K End of Winter Ride in April. It was not well attended but it also rained all day. Everyone that braved the weather had a great time.
Thank you to the people that stepped up to make the event fun and successful for all. 

Our weekly socials have been very successful. We are meeting every Wednesday night and having a moving social that last Wednesday of the month. Check out our Facebook page for the location and most up to date information. Our weekly socials are at the Y Sports Bar and Grill on the Mountain Hwy. We look forward to seeing you. 
 We are planning a few big events this year.  Again we will be having Rock and Libby’s Birthday Bash. It is scheduled for July 17, there will be the availability for camping. 
We will have a band, food, drinks, and fun for all.  Cost will be $10.00 per person or $15.00 at the gate the day of the event. If interested in getting a ticket or getting on the will call list email Chris

  The second event will be the Meat House Ride August 21. We will be going to five different Butcher shops and trying to locate the best smoked meats. Has been fun in the past will be fun again. Stay tuned for further information and starting location. Reserve the date August 21.

We are also looking at putting together a campout later in the year more to follow on this event as well. 

I have asked my chapters Safety Guy Ryan Eaton add a paragraph to or report. His section is as follows:     

As we get closer and closer to summer the motorcycle accidents continue to add up. In the past 60 days I know of no less than 6 local accidents that led to serious injury or death. In a huge majority of cases alcohol was involved. In the case of a recent fatality, a cage with a suspected impaired driver took out a bike. In this case the rider never had a chance. Even if we take every safety precaution, the risk is real. Someone else can control our fate in a split second. Our passion is dangerous and risky. Please do all you can to land home after every ride! “When I’m riding my motorcycle, I’m glad to be alive. When I stop riding my motorcycle, I’m glad to be alive.” Neil Peart 1952-2020

Andy McAfee

Chapter Coordinator


Posted By: Dragoni




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