Chapter Meetings Date & Location :

Uncle Sam's Bar & Grill
16003 Pacific, Ave. South
Spanaway, WA 98387

Meeting starts at ........... 7:00 PM
First Tuesday of Each Month
Our Chapter Social is the Forth Tuesday
 of Each Month at: 7:00 PM at: ??? Call

ABATE of Washington
 Spanaway Chapter
 Agenda Meetings
 Call: 253-223-5393 for Next Date and Time
 Uncle Sam's Bar & Grill



Spanaway Chapter Officers
PO BOX 154 Spanaway WA  98387

Position Held




Chapter Coordinator

Billy De Hunter 253-223-5393

Chapter Deputy Coordinator

Andy McAfee

Chapter Secretary 

Libbie Lozier

Chapter Treasurer

Barbara Hunter 253-535-4653
Chapter Master SGT At Arms  Garry Grouse 253-468-0693
Chapter SGT At Arms Lori Simmons, Annmarie Storm 253-861-7027  
Chapter Parliamentarian Open
Chapter Advisor Dolly Barraugh 253-376-3732  
Chapter Legislative Affairs (LAO) Allan Alda 253-267-5839
Chapter Road Captain1 John "Rock" Rothrock 206-295-2298
Chapter Road Captain2 Andy McAfee 253-377-3350
Chapter Road Captain3 Will Schwartz
Chapter Webmaster Dragoni 253/301-7727
Chapter Chaplain-Etta OPEN    
Chapter Historian Teresa

Chapter Photographer


Chapter Committees and Committee Chairmen
Committee Chair Person / Members Phone Email

Chapter By-Laws

Barbara Hunter 
253 535 4653

Chapter Safety & Education 

Andy McAfee 253-377-3350

Chapter Membership

George Dickman 253-222-6712

Chapter Products

Libbie Lozier
Chapter Events Committee Tamra Caldwell  /
Road Clean Up Amber Sullivan    
Chapter News Letter Team Chris McAfee, Sharmae Shank



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